Get SEO Services With SEO Hosting

Posted July 30th, 2010 in SEO Hosting Articles by admin

It’s true – SEO hosting is the best way to optimize your site for search engines. SEO hosting is the easiest, most convenient, and effective way to get results and boost search engine traffic.

SEO hosting provides customers with a level of search engine optimization they can’t get with more traditional marketing approaches, such as link building. In fact, SEO hosting produces the same results – or better – and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. SEO hosting is the affordable option for search engine optimization. Other services cost upwards of $2000 a month just for link building.

If you build a network of websites and use an SEO hosting package to host them on multiple C Class IPs, all you have to do is place backlinks on the sites. Any backlinks that are placed on this network of sites become valuable to the search engines and will help your primary site achieve better search rankings.

At first, you have to invest a lot of time in writing articles and content for the sites so that they start to move up the ranks on the major search engines. Building links also takes time and some effort. However, once your group of domains gains a certain amount of credibility online, as far as SEO is concerned, you get to reap the benefits.

This type of marketing tactic doesn’t require a large initial investment. Actually, you probably only have to spend about $500 to get started. SEO hosting is great because you don’t have to spend a lot on maintaining the sites either. This means less hassle for you, and more money in your pocket.

After you start making a profit on the websites, it will be easy to cover the small investment you made at the beginning. Each month you can sell text links on your sites to various clients and make money by promoting Adsense ads.

If you want to build backlinks to your website, consider trying SEO hosting and building a network of blogs. You can start off small and then go from there. At the moment, the best option for multiple IP hosting is different C Class IP hosting. It is currently the best way to build links. Check out the SEO Hosting Services w/

How SEO Hosting Improves Search Engine Rank

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SEO hosting is all the talk in SEO forums and communities these days. There’s a good reason why this type of hosting is making the rounds of the popular SEO websites online – it’s an effective strategy for improving search engine rankings.

Every day the Internet is inundated with new websites. The question everyone has on their mind when building a new website is marketing. Because most new webmasters get the majority of their traffic through search engines, finding a way to attract the attention of search engines is key to a good marketing plan.

Search engines are the best source of good website traffic. Unfortunately, this makes the competition between similar businesses online quite fierce, especially when two companies are vying for the same keyword. Every website wants to rank high for the SERPs for their primary keyword. The competition is constantly trying to get noticed by the search engines while simultaneously attempting to keep other websites in the same industry out of sight.

Webmasters try all sorts of strategies to optimize their sites and will do anything it takes to increase rankings in the major search engines.

One way to get more traffic is to build backlinks to your website. Of course, it’s not just the number of backlinks that’ matters – it’s the quality of the backlinks. This is what really improves search engine rankings.

However, it’s not easy to obtain quality backlinks for a site, especially when the only backlinks available are in your particular niche. It can be almost impossible to get backlinks on sites in your niche because, in most circumstances, these websites are your direct competitors. Why would they help you out? And why would you help them out?

Backlinks on websites in one specific niche are valued higher by the search engines because of “link popularity.” What does this term mean? When the content that is contained on the sites that have backlinks to your site relates closely to your specific niche, those are considered quality links with high link popularity. That means the only way to improve link popularity is to get backlinks on websites in the same niche. This is difficult to achieve.

Webmasters have got around this issue by creating networks of sites related to their niche, as well as blog farms, so that they can build quality backlinks without having to get them from the competition.

What they do is create blogs and websites from scratch about a topic related to their niche. They build the websites, optimize them for the search engines, build backlinks for them, put in work to improve the search engine rankings, and then use the network of sites they have created to create backlinks to their main website.

Once the blogs or websites start achieving a decent rank in the search engines, and become more valuable online, they are the perfect place to add backlinks to the main site. Webmasters put the link to their website on all the blogs and websites. These new links have a lot of search engine value because they come from websites in the same niche as the primary site. This sends the link popularity up, which in turn improves the main website’s rankings.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the practice and its use among many different webmasters to increase link popularity of various websites has caused search engines to develop new techniques to deal with this type of practice. Creating a network of sites is similar to sending out spam, and isn’t necessarily kosher. Search engines have developed new technology that is designed to spot the spam and penalize websites that try to build their own links.

In the past, a webmaster starting a blog farm or network of websites would host all the sites one server, meaning the IP address of each website was exactly the same or from the same Class C of IPs. When a network or collection of sites all share essentially the same IP address, the search engines know that the sites all have the same owner. This is how the search engines track down site networks and blog farms and penalize them.