The Need for Multiple IP Hosting in Search Engine Optimization

Posted July 24th, 2010 in SEO Hosting Articles by admin

The most important search engines that almost everyone is conscious of are generally Yahoo and Google. However there are actually others and every one of them employs a unique screening procedure to ensure that links identical IP addresses won’t help as much in achieving great rankings. Or to place it in more straightforward terms, backlinks may count for less when they come from websites which may be owned or operated by the very same internet marketer. Google wants to see links coming from different website owners, as this would indicate that many people might find your site’s information valuable. The algorithms employed by the search engines are proficient in sniffing out web sites on identical IP addresses, so when they identify these individuals they will stop them from increasing in the rankings as dramatically as those with links pointing from diverse IP ranges. As backlinks to your site which originate via diverse addresses tend to be considered more valuable, the search engines are fashioned in order to give preference to them.

Getting the most out of multiple IP hosting for search engine optimization:

  • Host your domains on a variety of IP addresses;
  • Put each and every IP on a unique Class C;
  • If possible, put each and every IP on a unique Class B;
  • Put each and every IP on unique DNS;
  • If possible, spread your IP’s across multiple geographical locations.

From the search engine marketer’s perspective, if he or she chooses to build a number of internet websites for backlinking, then multiple IP hosting is vital to getting the best results. Multiple IP hosting can be reasonably priced, and considering how much more effective the link-building efforts of sites spread across diverse IP ranges will be, the expenditure for such solutions is generally reimbursed quite quickly.

The main advantages of SEO and Class C web hosting are:

  • Every backlink to your web site is generally considered legitimate by search engines like Google;
  • There is reduced risk of suspension from Google as well as various other search engines like Yahoo;
  • Improved search engine ranking results from your backlink building efforts.

Enhancing your current internet marketing strategy using multiple C-Class IP web hosting provides the site owner not only with results, but the ability to control domain names that are widely spread out by means of a single administration base.

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