What is SEO Hosting and how Does it Work?

Posted July 30th, 2010 in SEO Hosting Articles by admin

SEO web hosting is a special type of web hosting that has been created to fulfill the specific needs of SEO experts and website owners who want to get an edge over the competition. This is a service required by SEO professionals who use dedicated and multiple C-Class IPs.

What are Dedicated IPs?

Every website has a domain name and an IP address. These two items are applied to a domain when web hosting is purchased. There are two main types of IPs: shared and dedicated. A shared IP is used by multiples domains on one server (up to thousands). Because the IP is shared, you don’t have control over the use of the IP address. A dedicated IP is an IP address that is only used by you. With this type of IP address, anyone who visits your website by typing in your domain name can also reach the site by typing in your IP address. Most websites are hosted on shared IPs, but research has shown that 50% of number one ranked websites use dedicated IPs. This information makes it easy to conclude that having a dedicated IP may give websites an advantage over the competition. No matter what, having a dedicated IP address gives you full control over your website.

An Explanation of C-Class IPs

IP stands for Internet Protocol. Every active website on the Internet has an IP address located on a web server. IP addresses are kind of like postal addresses in the real world. The numbers represent where your site is located on a specific server. For example, look at the following two IP addresses:


IP addresses are comprised of numbers and divided into four different classes. The classes are called A, B, C, and D. The typical format is A.B.C.D. So when you read an IP address, the first numbers are A Class, the second B Class, the third C Class, and the fourth D Class.

In the above example, the A Class and B Class numbers are the same in both addresses. However, the C and D Class numbers are different. Because the C Class numbers are different, they have different C-Class IPs.

This is important because only recently have website owners concerned themselves with paying attention to their site’s IP address. In the past, it was only the domain that mattered. However, as search engine optimization changed SEO professionals began to look at the technical side of search engines and websites, rather than simply focusing on the website alone.

There are many theories that claim IPs can help improve rank – especially dedicated and C-Class IPs.

Don’t be afraid to try this type of hosting is you’re not quite sure how the technical side of things works. When you sign up for SEO hosting, the companies providing the service make it very easy for customers to manage their domains and websites. They set up the dedicated IPs and C-Class IPs for customers and even offer extras such as website optimization, search marketing, and other services.

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