Why Choose SEO Hosting Over Other Methods?

Posted July 30th, 2010 in SEO Hosting Articles by admin

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Creating a network of websites or blogs all hosted on the same C Class of IPs automatically tips off the search engine spam filters. When the spam filters detect a blog farm, they are designed to automatically devalue the sites. This lowers the sites’ rankings and can cause a dramatic drop in traffic and visitors. Of course, this is not something a webmaster wants to happen.

SEO hosting was created to combat this problem. This type of service lets webmasters hosts their domains on multiple C Class IPs so the search engines have no idea each domain is owned by the same person. This method allows website owners to place each domain on a different IP so that each website is considered separate and unique.

Having a different IP for each website is important if you want to create a network of blogs or sites that are interlinked for the primary purpose of improving search engine rankings. If the websites are hosted on the same IP or IP range, search engines can easily use their spam filters to find out. Webmasters now use SEO hosting to stop the spam filters and avoid penalization. SEO hosting can also be referred to as multiple C Class IP hosting. The concept is quite simple – your websites are hosted on the same server but each one gets a different IP from different C Class IPs.

Without SEO hosting, webmasters would have to put in a lot more grunt work, signing up for domains and hosting with multiple web host providers just to keep the blog farms and network of websites up and running. Signing up for multiple hosting packages lets website owners get away with creating blog farms because different web hosts have different servers and IP addresses. Owning multiple domains and sites spread out across a large number of different web hosts can be very confusing – and expensive. Using this method is also a lot of work.

If you own 40 domains, for example, and want to use the domains to create a series of blogs for the purpose of promotion, you would have to go through a difficult process. First, you would have to find 40 different web hosts and sign up with each company individually.

Next, you would have to make a note of your login details for the control panel of all 40 domains, as well as the login details for the billing system to ensure proper invoice payments. Each month you would have to pay 40 separate invoices and keep track of each website to ensure server uptime. If any of the sites encounter problems, you would have to contact the appropriate host right away and tell them that something is wrong. Also, if you find some of the sites experience too much downtime, you would have to spend extra time and effort finding new hosts for those particular websites.

In addition, maintaining 40 different hosting accounts is too expensive, even if you purchase the best package deals you can find. Owning 40 separate accounts would cost about $10 per month for each account. That’s $400 per month just to run a simple blog farm that only has 40 sites in it!

If you add the cost of building the sites on top of everything else, such as designing the sites, hiring writers for the content, building backlinks, and other costs, the whole endeavor would be too much to handle.


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